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A Market for Hybrid Concerts

I believe that there is a market for Hybrid Concerts, where an artist performs in front of a (socially distanced and/or fully vaccinated) live audience and via streaming simultaneously. The Case for Hybrid Concerts The COVID-19 pandemic…

Latino Music Café is Back!

I'm finally able to say that I'm back blogging at Latino Music Café! It has been 6 months and I'm anxious to share my thoughts with you! Six Months of Hiatus As I contracted Coronavirus in late December 2020, I decided to

Too Early for In-person Concerts

I believe, like most experts, that it's too soon for in-person concerts. God knows we are tired of this quarantine which has now been going on for over a year. Note: I wrote a blog on the coronavirus a little over a year ago. You can…

Online Concerts: Free or Pay?

Live online concerts are flourishing as an entertainment alternative caused by social distancing, but should they all be free or should we pay for some? Live Online Concerts During Coronavirus Pandemic The coronavirus pandemic forced…