Improved Sesiones desde la Loma El Evento 2


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Sesiones desde la Loma, El Evento 2 was an even better experience than last year’s El Evento (1). Everything from the music to the logistics was better in the event organized by Norberto Velez, and the public showed up despite the week-long threat of rain.

BTW, after all the rain forecast (it was supposed to rain all day), only one rain episode occurred in the afternoon.

The new venue for El Evento 2 was perfect! The Parque Agroturístico de Dorado was ample to accommodate the attendees comfortably and with plenty of parking space. There were no long lines of cars to access the park and no transfer buses were needed.

The logistics were much improved over last year. Producers Gabriel Ramos and Norberto Velez took note of last year’s shortcomings and improved the experience. Food was plentiful, no incredibly long lines for drinks (they made it quicker by enabling the use of ATH MOVIL to pay electronically), and there were plenty of portable bathrooms.

The Parque Agroturístico enabled the addition of a VIP section that wasn’t just for special guests. Part of the VIP section was elevated and covered (to shield from the sun and rain), and another part was near the front of the stage. It had its own bathrooms and bar, so it made for a nice experience.

Good Music at Sesiones desde la Loma El Evento 2

The music at El Evento 2 was plentiful and good. There was an incredible roster of artists, and Gabriel and Norberto did a good job of combining raising artists with more established and known ones.

For my taste, veteran bandleader Bobby Valentín was the star of the day! His band sounded terrific and his three singers demonstrated why they are in front of one of the premier Salsa bands of all time. The cherry on top was how the band handled the power outage.

In the middle of the song “Awilda“, the whole place loses power. The band kept playing (we could only hear the percussion keeping the rhythm) but the audience stepped up and kept the song going doing the chorus repeatedly and then the clave. Eventually, the band stopped playing while the crew figured out how to restore power. A grateful audience gave Bobby Valentín’s band an ovation for the effort. The concert continued without any further issues after switching to the backup power generator. Bobby kept making jokes about the incident afterward, insinuating that his band had so much energy on stage that it blew out the generator.

La Nueva Fuerza de Choque was the name of the band that backed the artists that sang in the earlier part of the afternoon. It sounded great and was directed by Carlos García. And of course, Noberto’s Sesiones desde la Loma band, also directed by Carlos García, sounded amazing. It backed up Norberto, who performed excellently, including his special guest Christian Nieves.

Venezuelan singer Ronald Borjas and Salsa Romantica icon Johnny Rivera followed Norberto’s performance, before giving way to the finale with concert special guest Luis Enrique.

Improved Evento

Last year we had a great time at the El Evento 1, although we had some pain points due to some logistical aspects of the event. This year the whole experience of El Evento 2 went smoothly and relaxed. The organizers were prepared for the power failure and resolved it relatively quickly. The audience was able to focus on having fun and enjoying the music. My wife and I had a great time!

We’re already looking forward to El Evento 3 next year, hopefully at the same place but on a Saturday.


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