Charlie Aponte Welcomes 2024 Full of Energy


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Charlie Aponte 2024 New Year’s performance was a night to remember! My wife Ivonne and I went for the first time to celebrate the new year at a hotel in San Juan and had a blast.

The event at the Royal Sonesta Hotel had Charlie Aponte, Milly Quezada, and Plenéalo for music entertainment. Milly and Plenéalo provided great performances. The queen of merengue still has her strong voice and joyful personality, which had us dancing one merengue after another following Charlie’s opening set.

Charlie Aponte 2024 and Milly Quezada sharing the stage.
Charlie Aponte and Milly Quezada each delivered a great performance and shared the stage for a song.

But Charlie Aponte ‘s 2024 performance stole the show with his fast and furious music, energetic dancing, and charismatic personality. Charlie was able to engage with the audience without stopping the music for long. He played two or three songs in a row, almost non-stop, before taking a break to address the audience. But he also addressed the crowd during the songs, to keep the party going. The audience was captivated by his performance and couldn’t help but join in on the fun.
Charlie’s music was a perfect blend of his Salsa hits with some of his Christmas songs that enhanced the festive spirit and kept the audience on their feet throughout the night. His music and charisma were so infectious that everyone was dancing and singing along with him.

Charlie’s dancing was equally impressive. He moved with energy and grace in his well-designed choreographies, and his energy spread to the audience which kept dancing the night away.
In conclusion, Charlie’s New Year’s Eve performance was a night to remember. His music, dancing, and charisma were the perfect combination to entertain the audience and make it a night to remember. At 72 years old, Charlie Aponte demonstrated that he’s not ready to stop doing what he loves anytime soon.

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