Return of Our Vinyl LPs


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This Christmas I gave my wife a record player as a gift, and we spent Día de Reyes enjoying the experience of listening to our vinyl LPs again. It was fantastic!

The Vinyl LP Experience

For some years my wife Ivonne has been dreaming of getting a record player to listen to our collection of vinyl LPs. The LPs have been stored away in plastic containers for years, enduring a few moves. We’ve lost quite a few in the process, and I’m not sure how. Some I might have given out, some maybe got damaged, I really don’t know. But a few hundred survived through it all.

My daughter got herself a record player a couple of years ago, and Ivonne said we needed to get one too. So…finally this Christmas it was time for that gift.

We were missing a speaker cable and so we ended up putting it all together on Día de Reyes. My wife picked a few vinyl LPs from the collection, cleaned them, and we sat down with a bottle of wine to listen to old music. Like Moncho Rivera would say….”what a trip“.

Listening to vinyl LPs is a different experience. People say the sound is “warmer” with vinyl LPs over digital music. Science says there’s some truth to that. The digital sound wave is in reality a close approximation of the analog sound wave. Therefore, there are bits and pieces missing, although doctors may argue they are too small for the human ear to notice. Perhaps.

But going through the old records, reading all the credits on the back cover, placing the LP in the turntable, and seeing the needle arm go down and land on the record brought back a lot of memories. You then listen to Side A. Only four songs. On one occasion my wife, while in the kitchen, said when Side A was over, “it only played one song“! I responded that it actually did play all four songs. She hadn’t noticed four songs went by.

The Joy of Music

We sang, we danced, and we commented on the memories of those years. We were listening mostly to Salsa of the 70s. Started with Salsa Navideña, then just regular Salsa.

And then getting up to turn the LP or change it to the next. It was great.

LPs give us a reason to focus on the music. To share memories or anecdotes. To listen carefully, because Side A will finish soon. Then turn it over for Side B.

It doubles up as a talking piece as well. Ivonne’s teenage grandkids came to visit, and they stared at the record player and the vinyl LPs as if they had arrived through time travel. One of them took an album and was examining the vinyl inside without taking it out. I took it out for him and asked…”have you ever seen one of these?”. “Yes…”, he responded, “…in movies“.

I’m pretty sure that we’re going to be enjoying this turntable, this gift of music, for a long, long time.

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