Too Early for In-person Concerts


I believe, like most experts, that it’s too soon for in-person concerts.

God knows we are tired of this quarantine that has now been going on for over a year.

Note: I wrote a blog on the coronavirus a little over a year ago. You can read it HERE.

But unfortunately, despite the progress containing the Covid-19 pandemic, the virus is not tired of us, we’re not out of the woods and still have a way to go with the virus variants ramping loose.

The vaccines are out in force, and now it’s a race between vaccinations and the spread of the variants.

This is not the time to let our guard down by congregating in large crowds. That’s why many in-person events continue to be canceled or replaced by streaming alternatives.

A year ago, as this pandemic began to spread, I proposed that paid streaming concerts could be a viable alternative for music artists and fans. Today I double down on that statement.

Until vaccinations are at a high percentage of the population and scientists declare it’s safe for crowds to gather again, I believe we need to not get involved with in-person concerts.

Musicians are hurting, yes I get it. But innovative virtual alternatives will have to do until it is safe to get back to crowded places. We shouldn’t risk lives just for pleasure.

I’ll be adding more to this topic on my next blog.

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