Coronavirus Impact in Latin Music


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If a few cases of Coronavirus are reported in your city or country, would you still attend a Latin music event in a stadium, theater or small club? I invite you to respond in the survey provided below.

Not knowing what your response will be, I’ll predict that some of you will prefer to not attend a public music event if there are even only a few cases of the coronavirus reported in your city, region, or country.

Coronavirus Already Impacting Latin Music

Music events in general, and therefore Latin music events in particular are being impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. The list of canceled music events is long and keeps growing every day. Some sponsors, producers and even country, state, and city governments are cancelling music and other events that would bring together large crowds. Needless to say, these would be fertile grounds to help propagate the fast-spreading coronavirus.

The famous South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) held in Austin, Texas was cancelled. Miami cancelled both, the Miami Winter Music Conference and the Ultra Music Festival, both scheduled for March. The famous Coachella festival is currently being considered for cancellation, but an announcement is still pending.

Here in Puerto Rico, the Dia Nacional de la Zalsa 2020 was held this past weekend just ahead of the announcement of the first cases of the coronavirus in the island. They are already actively promoting the 1st Dia Nacional de la Zalsa in Orlando, Florida for April, but if the virus keeps spreading as it has been doing, I think its debut in Orlando will join the growing list of event postponements.

Does Size Matter?

Coronavirus did not delay Dia Nacional de la Zalsa
The coronavirus didn’t delay the Dia Nacional de la Zalsa in Puerto Rico. The one scheduled for Orlando may be in jeopardy.

Events in stadiums, conference centers, and even theaters will gather relatively large crowds. So the possibility of spreading the virus is higher. But what about smaller venues?

Would you go to Latin music events like in jazz clubs or discos, where there is a smaller crowd? Before you respond to that, consider that in the United States schools are cancelling classes and there is a growing list of companies and universities encouraging people to stay at home and do work or studies online.

They are encouraging people to also buy on supermarkets that have an online ordering service, some of which have delivery or you can pick up your without entering the site.

So would you still go to a jazz club or disco?

Live Music in Jeopardy

Musicians make most of their income through live music performances. Recorded music only brings a significant income to the very top performers. For the rest, recorded music is more of a marking tool for their live performances.

I have little doubt that the coronavirus will bring a halt to these live music events. These will have a direct impact to musicians income and our entertainment choices.

How much will be impacted and how long are questions I believe no one is ready to answer at this point. But I do have a couple of questions you can answer.

Survey on Coronavirus and Latin Music Events

Here’s a 1-question survey to get your thoughts on this. Please respond in the space provided in the survey below.

Thanks for your participation!

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