Tito Puente’s Google Doodle


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I was thrilled today to see that Hispanic Heritage Month 2022 didn’t close without Google first recognizing another Latino; this time it was a Tito Puente Google Doodle.

Tito Puente Latin Legends stamp
Tito Puente was honored in 2011 with a stamp as part of a USPS Latin Legends stamp collection, along with Celia Cruz, Selena, Carlos Gardel, and Carmen Miranda.

Tito Puente‘s love for music was the guiding star of his life. Tito’s compositions and records influenced not only Latin music, and therefore our Hispanic culture, but also Jazz and other forms of music.

Below I’ve included a nice video explaining what is behind the Tito Puente Google Doodle. It includes some people talking about the great maestro and some of his accomplishments. A principal voice in the video is that of Tito’s son, Tito Puente, Jr.

It’s great that organizations like Google recognize extraordinary people and events through their Google Doodles, and that they include Hispanics/Latinos not only during Heritage month but also throughout the year.

Tito Puente was a flag bearer for the Hispanic/Latino culture and it’s great he was honored once again as we prepare to commemorate his 100th birthday next year.

Enjoy the video…

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