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A Market for Hybrid Concerts

I believe that there is a market for Hybrid Concerts, where an artist performs in front of a (socially distanced and/or fully vaccinated) live audience and via streaming simultaneously. The Case for Hybrid Concerts The COVID-19 pandemic…

Viva Netflix’ “Vivo”

Lin-Manuel Miranda did it again in Netflix "Vivo", an animated story anchored in Latin music. In"Vivo", Lin-Manuel gets a little help from his friends Gloria Estefan (glad to see the Latin music diva back at work) and Cuban maestro

Too Early for In-person Concerts

I believe, like most experts, that it's too soon for in-person concerts. God knows we are tired of this quarantine which has now been going on for over a year. Note: I wrote a blog on the coronavirus a little over a year ago. You can…

The Departed of Latin Music 2020

This year, 2020, has been a devastating year for all of us, and on top of it all, the departed were great contributors to our Latin music. I'll make a brief review of those that departed this year. 1. Pedro "Sorolo" Rodriguez…