Alberto Cortez; a Multi-Talented Unique Artist


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In 1993 and was able to enjoy the only time I saw Alberto Cortez and Facundo Cabral perform live.

It so happened to be part of the tour they were doing which was recorded and launch the following year as “Lo Cortez No Quita lo Cabral”.

My Brief View of Alberto Cortez

I had been an admirer of both Argentinians, Cortez and Cabral, for a long time. Both for injecting their songs with a philosophical twist. Cabral a bit more to the rebellious “anti-status quo” side, while Cortez more towards the meditative/emotional side of life.

Alberto Cortez was a philosopher, songwriter, poet, and singer (with a strong tenor voice) all within his large human frame. His songs invited to meditate on everyday life; on how relationships are more important than materialism or anything else.

Lo Cortez No Quita lo Cabral

Alberto Cortez with Facundo Cabral
Alberto Cortez, here with Facundo Cabral, as part of their tour together.

The concert made album “Lo Cortez No Quita lo Cabral” became in my all-time favorite album of the duo. Not necessarily because I attended the concert, but more because of the synergy between Alberto and Facundo,

The combination of their songs and personalities made for a great experience. The fact that only a piano accompanied them made it so much more appropriate. The sang most of their hits, and it was great to capture them still at a high level of performance.

Loss of Alberto Cortez

Latin music just lost a great and unique artist. Alberto Cortez (just like Facundo Cabral) was a unique artist that won’t be replaced. Paraphrasing his song…

Cuando un artista se va..
..deja un espacio vacio..
..que no lo puede llenar.. llegada de otro artista.

There are many younger Latino artists, that have incredible talent. However, an artist with the combination of talents that Alberto Cortez had only come around (as the cliché says) only once in a lifetime.

I’m just glad it was during my lifetime.

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