Salsa-Bolero Poll Results: Cheo, Ismael & Hector


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Cheo Feliciano came in top of all Salsa-Bolero singers as your favorite in the recent Latino Music Café poll. Ismael Miranda and Hector Lavoe came second and third respectively.

Salsa Bolero Singer Poll Results:

Salsa-Bolero Singers that Passed
Graph 1: Cheo Feliciano was your favorite singer among those who passed.

Part 1 of the poll was on recently passed singers of Salsa that were also great Bolero singers. Graph 1 shows the results of poll, where Cheo Feliciano and Hector Lavoe were your favorite singers.

Part 2 of the poll was on Salsa singers still alive, again, also known to be good Bolero singers. Graph 2 shows the results of this poll, where Ismael Miranda and Gilberto Santa Rosa were your top favorites.

Comments vs. Votes

One of the peculiarities of the poll was that I spread it in social media. In Facebook there were many people that commented on the blog I sent out with the poll.

Current Salsa Bolero singers poll results
Graph 2: Currently, your favorite Salsa Bolero singer (still with us) is Ismael Miranda.

Unfortunately, the majority of the people that commented didn’t go into the blog to vote there. I hope they don’t do the same in the general election this November.

The good thing was that the comments were, for the most part, in harmony with the voting.

Through votes and comments, you nominated great singers like Tito Rodriguez and Marc Anthony.

Thank you for participating in the poll and keep your eyes open for the next one.

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