Pete Perignon Debuts with Salsa Dura in “Aquí Llegó”


Pete Perignon, the son of legendary Salsa dura bandleader Don Perignon, debuts with his own younger version of Salsa dura with “Aquí Llegó”.

“Aquí Llegó” is Full of Young Talent

Pete Perignon learned well from his father, and has applied the same principles to his debut album “Aquí Llegó”. The formula is simple; have full-bodied sound band, play Salsa dura aggressive arrangements, and bring guest singers to keep the talent fresh and the music interesting.

Pete Peringon deliver Salsa in "Pete Perignon debuts with strong Salsa covers in "Aquí Llegó"
Pete Perignon debuts with strong Salsa covers in “Aquí Llegó”

The twist in “Aquí Llegó”, is that the also timbalero and percussionist brought in musicians that like him, are young and sometimes sons of established musicians. The result is an explosive album that defines his own identity even when borrowing on Don Perignon’s Salsa formula.

Who’s in “Aquí Llegó”?

After the instrumental intro song, the album kicks off with the only original song of the album, “Los Pasos de Mi Padre”, in obvious reference to Pete’s dad Don Perignon. For this song that gives identity to “Aqui Llego”, Pete Perignon brings singer Juan Pablo Diaz (son of singer, actor, and TV presenter Rafael Jose), as well as veteran trumpeter, arranger, bandleader, and producer Luis “Perico” Ortiz.

Here’s a YouTube audio of “Los Pasos de Mi Padre”

From there the album continues with the other 9 cover songs(total of 11 in the album) that don’t let go a bit. The younger Perignon, a former member of young Salsa bands N’Klave and NG2, did include a well-executed Bolero in the album.

The rest of the guest singers in “Aquí Llegó” include Bernie Perez, Willie Otero, Alex Lopez, Norberto Rivas, Gerardo Rivas, Juan Velez, Julio Lopez, and new El Gran Combo member Anthony Garcia.

El Gran Combo’s Anthony Garcia Delivers

Another prominent guest in the album is young singer Anthony Garcia in “Tengo Que Conformarme”. The newly minted singer of El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico gets a rare pre-Gran Combo recording opportunity here (although he’ll have plenty with El Combo in the future), providing Salsa fans another look at what’s ahead with El Gran Combo.

Anthony showcases a sweet voice and charming “soneos” in this song. I can also tell he has a very good sense of “clave” as he comes in and out of “soneos” and dribbles through them with mastery. This might have been the skill that probably convinced Rafael Ithier to bring him into the Gran Combo as sub of Charlie Aponte.

Here Anthony Garcia tends to sing at a lower volume. His voice pitch is low, and although he can move up and down the scale, he remains at a relative low level. All in all, he did a great job with the song, which is of a romantic theme but also has more aggressive Salsa arrangement than the first single he just released with El Gran Combo.

Here’s a video of “Tengo Que Conformarme” before Anthony was selected to El Gran Combo.

Pete Perignon Delivers Salsa in “Aquí Llegó”

The Salsa in “Aquí Llegó” is good and varied, with Salsa classics like “El Mujeriego” (Willie Rosario), “Nina Mala” (Bobby Valentin), “Lo Que Se Da No Se Quita” (Conjunto Libre), “Azucar Pa’ Un Amarga’o” (Tito Puente), “Traigo La Salsa” (Ismael Rivera), and Tite Curet’s “Hay Que Tener Sazon” (Ismael Quintana).

The arrangements on all these songs are exceptional, and although they keep the original esence of the song, they clearly showcase Pete’s twist to them.

Great Salsa Album for Salsa Dura Lovers and Dancers

This is a Salsa dancers album, because the arrangements are thick and with lots of swing. Pete Perignon invited talented singers which keeps the music fresh and interesting with their respective styles. Additionally Pete’s band executes masterfully.

The rumor that Salsa will die with the Boomer generation are greatly exaggerated!!! This album proves the young guys can do as good Salsa as the Salsa forefathers did!

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  1. HécHéctor L. González Falcón says

    ***Pete Perigñon should not take anyone by surprise This young musician has a salsa pedigree that very few are privileged to have .He has the musical DNA of His Father Don Perigñon ,past musical director of Andy Montanez,Nephew of Rafael Cortijo and present director of Don Perigñon y la Puertorriqueña , by the way Don Perigñon last production is “Musica Maestro “deserves a Grammy . I think That La Puertorriqueña has the best trio of singers presently in the business. Rico walker, Josue Rosado and the last acquisition Joe Gonzalez.
    Getting back to Pete :
    This youngster has been around the best musical talent throughout his whole life. He definitely has learned and on his way to success. Congratulations Pete! He has put together a salsa project that says much about His talent and the talent of those He selected for this project. This production is indicative that there is plenty of young Salsa talent for many years to come. For a very first project Pete Perigñon hit out of the park.

    ***All the numbers picked are from real legends and not very easy to interpret with the Salsa Dura integrity ,and yet for a first project ,they seemed to have pulled it off. Congratulations, and much success in future endeavors.

    This youngster has the blessings and the assured cooperation of many Salsa greats. In this production, with have a taste of Anthony Garcia ,old member of La Orquesta Del Sur Al Norte of Julito Alvarado and now member of the Gran Combo De Puerto Rico.

    The only thing that has to be pointed out in my estimation is that the musical arrangement should be refined for each vocal interpreter. The arrangements should allow the projection of each singers abilities. There is plenty of talent . Just a little fine tuning ,to allow the diction of each singer clearer which is what made the original interpreters so outstanding . But as a first step ,I love this musical project .I own it and enjoy it .It’s very danceable.

    Pete inherited the musical ear and instrumental choices for arrangements and instruments from his father without a doubt.
    ***The cast of young and seasoned singers and musicians is outstanding as well. Every song is worthy of salsero’s attention.. My favorite Traigo La Salsa, just cause I am a Maelo Rivera fan. But honestly all of the selected musical numbers are great selections.
    Once again ,My sincere thanks to Latino music café.com and to my Tocayo, Héctor Aviles . Much Success!

    1. Hector Aviles says

      Tocayo, you provide another great comment with lots of good information for Latino Music Café blog readers. I didn’t know Don Perignon was nephew of the legendary Rafael Cortijo! I agree that the father’s album “Musica Maestro” deserves recognition. I have it in my list to write a blog review but have not gotten around to it.

      Thanks again!


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