Victor Manuelle “Algo le Pasa a Mi Heroe” Highlights Alzheimer’s


The 3rd single of #Salsa star Victor Manuelle’s upcoming album, “Algo le Pasa a Mi Heroe”, is a beautiful ballad that touches the topic of Alzheimer’s, and the video is nothing short of award-winning awesomeness.

“Algo le Pasa a Mi Heroe” Highlights Alzheimer’s

As far as I can remember, this must be the first non-Salsa pre-album single Victor Manuelle has released, and he saved it for a good occasion. “Algo le Pasa a Mi Heroe” is not only a beautiful song, but it touches on the topic of an illness that is affecting increasingly more people.

Latin music star Victor Manuelle sings copies of his single.
Victor Manuelle sings free copies of his single “Algo le Pasa a Mi Heroe”, and helping the Alzheimer’s campaign “Ellos Olvidan, No lo Hagas Tu”.

This is a very personal song for Victor Manuelle, as he is living it through his dad who has the illness. And it is also a very personal song for me, as I’m living it through my mom, who also has the decease. And as Victor Manuelle says at the end of the video, Alzheimer’s is probably harder on the family that on the very patient.

When the condition touches you so close, it’s hard to contain the tears with this beautiful guitar-led melody, and accurately descriptive lyrics. As my daughters get ready to soon visit their ill grandma, this might be a perfect song to introduce them to what is going on.


Video of “Algo le Pasa a Mi Heroe”

As I said above, the video of this song is simply award-winning awesome! Puerto Rican iconic artist Jacobo Morales does a wonderful job of portraying the Alzheimer’s ill patient, and Jorge Castro plays his son. In real life, Victor Manuelle’s brother Hector takes care of his father. The scenes and lyrics portray the day to day challenges of those trapped within due to the illness. The video was directed by Israel Lugo.

Victor Manuelle in the "Algo le Pasa a Mi Heroe" video.
Salsa star Victor Manuelle starts the video with his personal story of his dad’s Alzheimer’s.

The cases of Alzheimer’s disease are increasing every year. The current estimate is that by 2050, the incidence of Alzheimer’s will triple from what it is today. That means that 1 of every 85 persons worldwide will be living with the disease. Like in Victor Manuelle father’s case as well as in my mother’s case, the estimate is that 43% of prevalent cases will require a high level of care.

I join many others in congratulating Victor Manuelle for bringing awareness to such a terrible disease in such a beautiful way, through the lyrics, melody, and video of “Algo le Pasa a Mi Heroe”.

If you know someone that has Alzheimer’s, and chances are you do or will, this song will surely touch your heart.

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