El Gran Combo single “Yo Soy Tu Amigo”


New singer Anthony Garcia is featured in El Gran Combo‘s new song “Yo Soy Tu Amigo”, which showcases the softer Salsa of the legendary band.

Salsa fans had mixed reactions to “Yo Soy Tu Amigo”. Many fans behind Anthony Garcia, wishing him the best with El Gran Combo. Other say the song does not sound like El Gran Combo they know.

The fact is there that it takes time to get used to a new voice in a legendary group like El Gran Combo. It has been over 30 years since the last time they changed singers. So anyone coming in will face this challenge.

El Gran Combo with new Salsa singer Anthony Garcia in "Yo Soy Tu Amigo"
The new Salsa single “Yo Soy Tu Amigo” will help with Anthony Garica’s integration into El Gran Combo.

Additionally, Rafael Ithier chose a song more to the style of the singer (a slower form of Salsa) instead of having Anthony record an aggressive Salsa tune. With the latter, it would have been easier to please the traditional Gran Combo fans. With the earlier, it will be easier to attract the younger generation of Salsa fans, those that now follow high-selling Victor Manuelle, Marc Anthony, and the like.

El Gran Combo needs to solve the dilemma of how to best use Anthony Garcia in their lineup. This will be important while they keep the other 2 singers who are about 30 years older! I write about his in a previous Latino Music Café blog you can read HERE.

I find Anthony Garcia to be a talented young singer. He has a sweet voice and good sense of “clave”. My biggest concern is the lack of power in his voice. With a Salsa band like El Gran Combo which performs extensively, this could become an even bigger problem!

I agree with Hector Gonzalez (a frequent commenter in Latino Music Café) in that Rafael Itheir is a good talent mentor. He will be focused developing his new mentee.

Anthony Garcia in “Yo Soy Tu Amigo”

Enjoy the song!

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