Marc Anthony’s “Vivir La Vida”: Energetic Salsa Music


Like many of you, I watched the Billboard Latin Music Awards in part to see and listen to Marc Anthony‘s new Salsa music single “Vivir la Vida”.

And although I disagree, I read news articles that considered Marc Anthony’s new single the musical highlight of the night. No doubt it is a good song, but I though Carlos Vives was the musical king of the this year’s Billboard Awards, but that’s another story. The following is my take on “Vivir la Vida” (and you can read my review of Marc’s 3.0 album HERE).

Festive Salsa Lyrics

Marc Anthony at the Billboards Latin Music Awards
Marc Anthony , here at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, has been one of the most commercially successful artists in Latin Music.

The lyrics in “Vivir la Vida” are quite simple and shallow, with one clear message; live you life happy, forget the sadness! What better theme for one of the most happy rythms in all music (Salsa music). Many, many songs in Salsa music target this same message.

The 1st one that comes to mind is the Willie Colon / Hector Lavoe “plena” titled “Vive Tu Vida Contento” which went “vive tu vida contento, asi viviras muy bien, pues si te apuras te mueres, si no te mueres tambien” (live your life happy, you’ll live very well that way, because if you hurry you’ll die, and if you don’t, you’ll die also”).

This is a short and direct message and the musical arrangement goes fantastic with the lyrics.

Energetic Salsa Music

I don’t have information on the arranger, but this song has Sergio George written all over it. The opening takes you right into a voluminous chorus of “Voy a vivir, voy a gozar, vivir la vida, la, la, la, la”. Then a heavy Salsa swing comes in to introduce Marc Anthony’s voice joining the “coro” and then going into the song lyrics.

“Vivir la Vida” has a Salsa music swing that will delight dancers! The Sergio George type of arrangements is strong with metals and rhythm. The piano leads the intro of the song giving way to the percussion section followed by the trombones. The trumpets come in later as they lead the mambo.

Below is the video of Marc Anthony debuting “Vivir la Vida” in the Billboard Latin Music Awards:

“Vivir la Vida” is Danceable and Commercial

For Marc Anthony this was a great choice for a single as this song is highly commercial and with the high energy that invites to dance. DJ’s around the Salsa music world will be hitting this one hard.

In general I like the song for its energy and overall positive message, although the lyrics are simple and repetitive. I’m looking forward to a new Marc Anthony Salsa recording.

  1. Hector Aviles says

    In case you haven’t heard, the very commercial “Vivir la Vida” reached #1 on 3 Billboard Categories. Below is the link to the news release:

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