Fiestas of the Sanse 2019


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The festivities of the Sanse 2019 get underway this week right behind the end of the Octavitas.

Here are links to the 2019 schedule, the history of the Sanse, and a relevant Atabal music video.

Sanse 2019 Schedule

Artistic Schedule

Cultural Schedule

History of Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián

I’ve written a couple of blogs about the origns and history of these festivities. Here they are:

Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian is a Great Tradition: a blog I wrote 9 years ago about the Fiestas then, but also touch on how they started and how they were revived after nearly disappearing.

“Cabezudos” of the Calle San Sebastian: one of the most colorful features of the Fiestas are the “cabezudos”. Here I touch on where these came from.

Crecen Tradicionales Fiestas de la Sanse: the Fiestas de la Sanse have expanded out of Puerto Rico. In this blog I explore the expansion to Florida, but now they are in also in Texas.

Atabal’s Music Video: “Dime San Sebastián”

The latest music video from Atabal’s recent “Yo Soy Atabal” EP is a story that takes place in this street of Old San Juan.

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