Juan Gabriel Remakes “Querida” with Juanes [Video]


The first single of Juan Gabriel’s new “Los Duo” album is “Querida”, in which he features Latin music star Juanes. The video of the song was just released as well.

Mexican Latin music star Juan Gabriel with Colombian star Juanes in "Querida"
Juan Gabriel and Juanes make an delightful rendition of the Latin pop classic “Querida”.

The new arrangement for the old Juan Gabriel Latin pop classic hit is superb, and the video shows some of the musicality that went into this version of the song. To me this is no surprise, as the Mexican “divo” doesn’t produce music if it’s not at the highest quality.

The duet with Juanes works, and the Colombian rockers’s vocal range is extended to the max in this version of the song.

One thing I would have liked to see is taking advantage of Juanes rock background and adding to the song a part where the Colombian star could use his electric guitar to give a

Juan Gabriel on cover of "Los Duo"
Juan Gabriel new album “Los Duo” is expected to be released on Feb 10.

song a rock twist, even if for only a small part of the song. Perhaps “Los Duo” music was completed before the selection of the artists with whom Juan Gabriel would do duets was finalized.

In any case, this version of “Querida”, a song first released in 1984 (31 years ago), brings two Latin music stars together in a classic, and Juan Gabriel and Juanes make it work well.


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