Sergio George Scores with Salsa Giants Plus EP


Sergio George has figured out the formula for Salsa music commercial success. With “Sergio George Presents Salsa Giants EP Plus”, Sergio demosntrates he is not just a “one-trick” dog.

The 5-song Salsa Giants EP has really just one new song in “Bajo La Tormenta”. In addition, it piggybacks on the Salsa Giants monster concert in Curacao in 2012 to bring unreleased songs from that concert.

I already reviewed “Bajo la Tormenta” in this Latin music blog before (check it HERE). Three of the other songs are more hits by Salsa Giants singers; Oscar D’Leon’s “Lloraras”, Andy Montanez “Un Verano en Nueva York” and Luis Enrique’s two-song medley of “Desesperado/”Tu No Le Amas, Le Temes”. In addition Sergio included “Para Celebrar”, a repeat song from last year’s Salsa Giants full album.

Sergio George wisely used the EP concept, which I think is underutilized in this continent. He used this format to release a new single and give it some purchasing power by supplementing it with 3 unused songs from the Curacao 2012 concert. Additionally, he threw in once again the hit song “Para Celebrar”.

Sergio George scored at the Grammy Awards with his concep of the Salsa Giants.
Sergio George scored at the Grammy Awards with his concep of the Salsa Giants.

With the Salsa Giants Plus EP Sergio George shows why he is the maximum producer in Salsa music. Not only does he makes good use of the songs he has at hand, but in doing so he also keeps the Salsa Giants relevant in the public consciousness. Sergio accomplishes this by keeping them in their face with new music. This is great marketing for the Live presentations they are still performing.

All in all, Sergio George’s Salsa Giants Plus EP is a good addition for those that like the new song. It is also for those who want more of the Salsa Giants Live concert.

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