Salsa Giants Release Positive New Song


Sergio George came out with the Salsa Giants new song “Bajo la Tormenta” which brings a positive and uplifting message along with very danceable Salsa music.

Bajo la Tormenta” has the participation of Salsa Giants Oscar D’Leon, Andy Montañez, Ismael Miranda, Cheo Feliciano, Tito Nieves, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Willy Chirino, and La India. Ismael Miranda and La India are new additions (from a recording perspective) to the band’s lineup.

Salsa Music for Dancing and Positive Attitude

The Salsa Giants (2014 edition) walk in Old San Juan, PR as they prep for their next Salsa music video.
The Salsa Giants (2014 edition) walk in Old San Juan, PR as they prep for their next Salsa music video.

The main message of the new single “Bajo la Tormenta” is to keep a positive attitude under stormy unfavorable circumstances. I think this is very timely as many Latin American countries like Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and many others are going through some of the hardest economic times of recent memory.

Along with the positive attitude message of the song, Sergio George adds powerful Salsa music that incites to dance with its catchy swing and lyrics. The 8 Salsa Giants singers do the rest with great singing and “soneos” that reflect the happy and positive theme of this Salsa music hit.

Ismael Miranda and Andy Montanez study the "Bajo la Tormenta" video script before filming.
Ismael Miranda and Andy Montanez study the “Bajo la Tormenta” video script before filming.

Top Stop Music, which is Sergio George’s recording label for the Salsa Giants, announced that “Bajo la Tormenta” will be part of a Salsa Giants EP to be released in April 2014 (You can read the updated Salsa Giants EP blog HERE). In the meantime, the Latin Grammy’s “Producer of the Year” is engaged in a tour with the Salsa Giants, and their album, which won “Best Salsa Album” at the Latin Grammy Awards in 2013 is also nominated for some Billboard Awards coming up in April 2014.

Salsa Giants’ “Bajo la Tormenta” Video

The video below is the 1st video of “Bajo la Tormenta“, but there may be a 2nd version of it. As you can see in one of the photos I included in this blog, Ismael was studying a scrip for a video of this song, so stay tuned!

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  1. George Robles says

    Where can I buy the DVD from Sergio George’s Salsa Giants – Bajo la Tormenta.

    I love it.

    George Robles

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    Where was this video filmed

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  3. Anonymous says

    Love The Salsa Giants Where Is Marc Anthony He should have been in this video
    Bajo La Tormenta

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