Negroni’s Trio “Esperanzas/Hope” Review


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In “Esperanzas/Hope” the Negroni’s Trio expands on their unique brand of Latin Jazz and adds selected guests.

In its 11th album, Negroni’s Trio continues its musical innovation with songs that fuse elements of classical music, Latin rhythms, and Latin Jazz.

Music in “Esperanzas/Hope

This music was recorded with feelings of empathy towards humanity, that's why we called it Esperanzas/Hope.

Nomar Negroni (in Wow La Revista) Drummer-Percussionist

I was fascinated by the well-balanced combination of covers and originals, instrumentals and vocals, all enhanced by the creative addition of guest musicians for specific songs.

For instance, the upbeat original “Que Felicidad” gives way to the album title song where featured guest Ismael Vergara at clarinet embarks in an interesting instrumental conversation with José Negroni’s classical-infused rifts at the piano.

Then the String Quartet makes its first of three performances in “Encadenados“. Maria Toledo also appears adding the beautiful “flamenco-ish” vocals. Two other songs have vocals, interestingly performed by Edgar Omar.

Negroni's Trio "Esperanzas/Hope" cover art
Negroni’s Trio released “Esperanzas/Hope”, an intriguing Latin Jazz album.

Other guest musicians include the maestro Luis “Perico ” Ortiz on fluegelhorn (on the Clare Fischer classic “Morning/Las Mañanas“), Dr. Ed Calle on sax, and Rematis Moraes on guitar.

About Negroni’s Trio

The two Negroni, classically-trained José as director, composer, producer, and pianist, along with his Berklee-graduate son Nomar at drums and percussion, are joined by the versatile Josh Allen on the double bass.

The Negroni’s Trio has several Latin Grammy nominations under their belt, and “Esperanzas/Hope” is another Grammy-worthy Latin Jazz album that you’ll likely enjoy.

Now that I know more about this talented Latin Jazz group, I’ll enjoy their other 9 recordings.

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