Latino Music Café is Back!


I’m finally able to say that I’m back blogging at Latino Music Café! It has been 6 months and I’m anxious to share my thoughts with you!

Six Months of Hiatus

As I contracted Coronavirus in late December 2020, I decided to take a short break from blogging to recuperate and get up-to-date on the work I had at my job. My wife and I were lucky that our symptoms were very mild. I took Advil for 3 days and that was it.

But what started as a 1-2 week break, extended as I interviewed and got a new job at another company.

Then it was about coming back from the dead…at least according to the Social Security Administration. In my background check for the new job they found, to my surprise, that the SSA had me as dead! The easy part was to get the SSA to bring me back to life on their systems. The hard part, was to demonstrate to the new employer that I was not still deceased in the SSA system.

Then came the new job, but with the delay in the background check process, it put me playing catchup. And one month turned to two, and now almost four months.

Before you know it, I’ve been 6 months without blogging – did one or two blogs during this time, but that was it.

New Commitment!

With the extended break I have a new commitment to bring content to you on a more regular basis (perhaps once or twice per week). The “commitment” thing comes from the terminology used at the company I work for now. We reference our work on different projects as a commitment (with a good definition of what that means for each).

My new commitment to you is to publish new content on a weekly basis, progressing to twice a week within a month.

Thanks for sticking around!

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