Virtual Novenas for Cristo Negro


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This pandemic has changed the lives of all of us, including the devotees who this year will have to participate virtually in the “novenas” for the Cristo Negro of Portobelo.

Virtual Novenas

Cristo Negro Fiesta Solemne
This year the pilgrimage and Fiesta Solemne for the Cristo Negro in Portobelo will be missing the large crowds.

This year they are transmitting the novenas via the internet. You can still listen to the recordings if you miss the live transmissions at 7 am and 3 pm.

Like many other events that normally would attract large crowds, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way to demonstrate devotion to Jesus el Nazareno. I’m sure many will be disappointed not to be able to do the pilgrimage to Portobelo, Panama. Praying online will not feel the same as being there, in a fantastic and emotional atmosphere that is part of the whole experience.

But is not like we have any choice in the matter.

2020 Novenas and the Cristo Negro

You can find the article (in Spanish) with the links to the audio of the novenas HERE and HERE.

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