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From September 22-27, 2020, the Petronio Alvarez Festival, held annually in Cali, Colombia, will be offered virtually online.

You can participate in a great variety of activities and events offered this year.

What’s the Petronio Alvarez Festival

Petronio Alvarez Boy playing drum
This Colombian Pacific Music Festival is made for the participation of people of all ages.

The Pacific Music Festival Petronio Alvarez (the full name of the event), is an annual event to celebrate the culture and music of the Colombian Pacific. The population of this region is 85% black, and they highlight all about this regional culture, including the music of “currulao“.

The festival is celebrated in Cali because it a mayor city centrally located to provide better access and infrastructure to the visitors, and it’s still a predominantly black city.

Check out this Cultural and Musical Festival

For obvious reasons, this year’s festival organizers are providing the option of attending the event virtually. You can do this at their Facebook Live sites:


Latin culture is all very similar in its roots, which is why we have one of the best regions in the world. The online events provide a great way to learn a bit more about our roots and about the culture in this lesser known region of Colombia.

History of the Petronio Alvarez Festival (in Spanish)

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