Jose Feliciano Unites with “I’m America”


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In these times of racial tensions, José Feliciano released a new video of his new song “I’m America“, included in his latest album “Behind This Guitar“.

José Feliciano’s “I’m America”

José Feliciano's "I'm America" is in "Behind This Guitar"
The title song in “Behind This Guitar” provides 3 1/2 minute bio on the life of José Feliciano.

I’m America” is about all of us. It’s a song that reminds us what this country is all about; all of us that make it what it is. At one point in the song he sings…”I’m proud to be, a Puerto Rican American“.

I believe he speaks about his case in particular, but this could be applied to everyone, without distinction of color, race, origin, religion, sexual preference, etc.

The video has footage of the commemoration of the 1968 MLB All Star Game in Detroit. On that occasion, José Feliciano sang the national anthem in his very own way, which many found offensive. That took his career into a downward tailspin. Of course, he never intended to be disrespectful, so eventually the truth prevailed and his career recovered to become a music star.

I’m America” is the initial song of the album. As Feliciano reflects on what’s happening in America these days, José said, “One of the things we have to do as a nation is put an end to anti-Semitism.”

The below version of “I’m America” features the Virginia Union University Choir.

“Behind This Guitar”

Released in December 2019, I intended to review “Behind This Guitar” early this year, but never got around to it. I won’t do it now, but instead will share a couple of my insights.

This album shows a José Feliciano where the mileage on his voice shows as more course than I remember from previous albums. Well, José is not a kid anymore, and his voice isn’t going to stay the same forever. That said, he shows he can still sing well and maintains his usual style and passion in the songs.

Another big plus for “Behind This Guitar” is that Feliciano reunited with his old producer Rick Jarred. It was Jarred that convinced Jose early in his career to record “Light My Fire“. For this album, he convinced him to do a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain“, and to do a new version of his legendary “Feliz Navidad“.

All in all, a good album.

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