Which is Your Favorite Duo of El Gran Combo?


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This week El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico celebrated its 58th anniversary, and I couldn’t pass the chance to find out which is your favorite duo of singers.

As we’ve seen through the blog series of the History of El Gran Combo, there have been several duos. These are:

Pellín Rodriguez and Andy Montañez: the duo that started it all and gave a name to El Gran Combo. Pellín was very charismatic and Andy followed the funny antics and had great harmony with his singing partner of 11 years.

Andy Montañez and Charlie Aponte: like Pellín, Charlie’s higher pitch voice made a good combination with Andy’s. They were together for only 4 years.

Charlie Aponte and Jerry Rivas: The longest lasting duo on the list by far, Jerry’s deep voice made great harmony with Charlie for 37 years.

Jerry Rivas and Anthony García: The current duo is working on their 2nd recording together.

Please select your favorite duo below:

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