Two Salsa Songs for Mother’s Day


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Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers! Here are two Salsa songs that celebrate this great day, both written by the artists who perform them.

Ismael Miranda, “Madre

Ismael Miranda wrote this song for his 1975 album “Este es Ismael Miranda“. It’s a heart-felt song performed in top of a smooth son-montuno. I don’t have the information of who arranged the song, but seems to be the work of Jorge Millet, the main arranger of the album.

Luis “Perico” Ortiz, “Dia de las Madres

The great trumpeter, arranger, composer, bandleader, and producer Luis “Perico” Ortiz wrote and arranged this song for all mothers and included it in his 1983 album “Sabor Tropical“. This video clip was of a live performance for the TV in Panama, and extends the song through the funny sketch they play out through the middle of the song. The video quality is not very good, but the audio is ok and you can still appreciate musicianship of Perico’s band.

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  1. victor ramos says

    As always great blog! I’m not sure who arranged “Madre” for Ismael Miranda’s LP, but I am surprise you didn’t mention that that is Perico Ortiz on trumpet as well as his Solo on that Ismael Miranda song, in fact one can make the case that Madre definitely influenced Perico’s “Dia de las Madre” since he played on that original and some of the musical changes On Dia de las Madre are similiar to Miranda’s, great stuff by both!

    1. Hector Aviles says

      Thanks Victor! Wow you picked my curiosity. We were both wrong!
      Well, it turns out Perico didn’t participate in this recording ( i finally found the album credits) The trumpets are Richie Fernández and Hector “Bomberito” Zarzuela, who was the 1st trumpet and the one that took the solo.
      Jorge Millet arranged 5 of the 10 songs, but not “Madre”. It was arranged by Louie Cruz.
      Thanks for your comments!!

  2. LaGreca Salsa says

    That’s great, thank you, it gives me new ideasfor the Salsa playlist I make on Spotify and for my blog!

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