Three Latin Songs of Coronavirus


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Musicians, like the rest of us, are home with a lot of time on their hands, so they’ve written songs of coronavirus to keep us entertained.

Among the various songs that Latin artists have recently published to entertain (us and themselves) as well as send us a message, I picked three that I hope you check out below if you haven’t heard them already.

Variety of Songs of Coronavirus

The messages in these Latin coronavirus songs come in different types as should be expected. Artists make them in their respective genres (to meet the expectations of their fans) or different ones, perhaps more attuned to the song and occasion.

I’ve included three of them here for you. Jose Nogueras, Ruben Blades and Juan Luis Guerra are three of the best singer-songwriters in Latin music. There are many more and surely more are to come. For example, Bad Bunny just published a song, but I don’t like Bad Bunny and much less his music, as popular as it may be. I’m sticking with the good stuff.

Jose Nogueras “Quedate en tu Casa

Jose Nogueras recorded “Quedate en tu Casa” (Stay at Home) at his home. From the self-made video, he seems to play all the instruments, although it doesn’t show who plays the percussion. The music and lyrics of this song are typical Jose Nogueras. The Puerto Rican Christmas icon uses the rhythm of Plena, which he frequently uses in his albums. And the lyrics are both funny and with a serious message, which is vividly displayed in the song title.

Ruben Blades: “Panama”

At least I believe this is the title of the song. I take it from the video as it’s not evident (or I missed it) in his webpage.

Again, typical to the Ruben Blades style, he brings a strong message of social distancing in this coronavirus pandemic, always splashed with a bit of humor.

Besides the message and the Panamanian rhythm with accordion and all, I liked that Ruben included video of Panamanians singing the chorus “Panama” in the bottom of the screen. Per his website, he received 1,100 videos for this, but could only accommodate to use 166 of them.

Juan Luis Guerra: “Gracias”

Juan Luis Guerra brings us not a bachata, but a mellow ballad in his spiritually-themed “Gracias“. This song starts with a quote from the bible, and the lyrics are inspired by this quote. Again, a beautiful and spiritual song to feed our souls with peace in these anxious times.

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