Marc Anthony, Gilberto Santa Rosa miss Latin Grammy 2019


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It’s very rare that Marc Anthony and Gilberto Santa Rosa miss a nomination for a Latin Grammy 2019, but that’s just what happened.

The way I see it, Grammy nominations are a game of music quality combined with artist reputation. That reputation, is built over years, and normally earns them the “benefit of the doubt” when they submit their recording for Grammy consideration.

2 Albums that Missed Latin Grammy 2019 Nominations

Lesser known artists don’t get that benefit of the doubt. Their recording could be of impressive musical quality, but they might not be able to get through the gatekeepers to get their work nominated.

Marc and Gilberto have won that benefit of the doubt by the Latin Grammy gatekeepers. So for Marc’s “Opus” and Gilberto’s “40 y Contando” to not earn a nomination is quite a thing.

Here’s a brief look at these three musical projects which missed the Latin Grammy 2019 nomination.

Marc Anthony’s “Opus”

I felt that Marc Anthony tried to put together a good album. For “Opus“, he paired again with Sergio George, and as expected, used the very same formula they’ve used in the past. Perhaps to me one thing that was missing in this one was good lyrics. Several songs felt flat to me. Too predictable; too repetitive. I felt that good song-writing, like that of Omar Alfanno, was missed.

Despiste this, Marc still was able to sneak one song for a Latin Grammy 2019 nomination; “Parecen Viernes”.

Here’s a video of the making of “Opus“, which provides you a behind-the-scenes view of what went into it.
Note: beware that for some reason Marc feels the need to curse every other word.

Gilberto Santa Rosa “40 y Contando”

I feel Gilberto Santa Rosa brought great variety to “40 y Contando” by adding great special guests. His celebration of his 40 years in music included Willie Rosario, Victor Manuelle, Tito Nieves, and Vico C., among many others. In other years, this would have been enough to earn him a Latin Grammy nomination.

Latin Grammy 2019 Nominees Reviews

I’ll be providing my insights into some of this years’ Latin Grammy nominees as they normally make for great music selection.

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    1. Hector Aviles says

      OMG you’re right! Mis disculpas! Que bueno que estaba equivocado. Me alegro mucho por ustedes!
      Te llamo!

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