Mayito, Alexander & Alain Join Forces in “A Romper el Coco”


Cuban singers Mayito Rivera, Alexander Abreu, and Alain Perez joined forces to record a fantastic tropical music album in “A Romper el Coco”.

Cuban Take on Salsa Covers

In a way, the good thing about “A Romper el Coco” is that the songs are mostly covers. That means they are familiar tunes, but played with different arrangements and styles. This allows us to appreciate the music for all its flavor.

Backcover of “A Romper el Coco” with credits.
The backcover of “A Romper el Coco” provides credit details.

The arrangements done mostly by band pianist and album co-producer Geovanis Alcántara, with some help from Roberto Linares and Andrecito Hernandez, bring us that spicy Cuban flavor to these classic Salsa (or Cuban son montuno) songs.

Clarification: when I say “Salsa” what I mean is what producer Alden Gonzalez said; “it’s playing traditional Cuban music with contemporary arrangements”.

Three Fantastic Singers

The three main singers in “A Romper el Coco” are proven greats. Mayito Rivera polished his chops with Los Van Van for several years. Singer-trumpeter-bandleader Alexander Abreu has made a name with his timba-infused style he plays with his band Havana D’Primera.

And then there’s Alain Perez. Ok, I’ll admit that I spaced out on him because I hadn’t heard much about him. Shame on me, as he’s been quite active. This still-raising star has been collecting a bunch of accolades for his work both as a singer and as a producer

Early in his career he joined Chucho Valdés in Irakere. From there he has participated in a series of fortunate projects, and has amassed a series of Grammy nominations for his recordings. As a vocalist, you’ll hear why he’s earned so many accolades.

Special Guests in “A Romper el Coco”

Producers Alden Gonzalez (Grammy winner for “A Mi Que; Tributo a los Clasicos Cubanos”) and Geovanis decided to bring some selected special guests to participate in this gem.

Puerto Rican singer Charlie Aponte, and percussionists Edwin Bonilla and Bobby Allende add color to the songs they participate in.

The end result of all this Latin music talent playing together is strong and flavorful Salsa music which’ll make your feet move.

I Recommend “A Romper el Coco”

In a nutshell, I enjoyed listening to “A Romper el Coco” and recommend you at least give it a try.

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