J-Lo Grammy 2019 Controversy


It’s wasn’t J-Lo’s fault she did the Motown tribute during the 2019 Grammy Awards. J-Lo did what J-Lo does.

There were no surprises there. That’s why the controversy began the moment they announced she would be performing in the tribute to Motown.

The Grammy producers have a long line of screw-ups, and this is just one more. A read a comment that suggested that if the producers wanted a non-black person to perform at the Motown tribute, Burno Mars would’ve been a better choice. I agree! Bruno would’ve been in-line with what Motown represents. He would’ve been a better choice by a mile.

J-Lo Did Her Thing at the Grammy 2019 Show

But its not J-Lo’s fault. Some say she should’ve respectfully declined the invitation. That’s not J-Lo. She may be an average singer (perhaps below average), an average actor (that’s not meant to be bad, just not great), and a good dancer.

However, above all, J-Lo is terrific at selling her name brand. That’s why she’s such a success in show-business and in other businesses she has. Declining an offer to showcase herself in the Grammy show would’ve been uncharacteristic of her.

And yet, it was the producers who blew it up again! I found this comment from the TV show The Real hits the head in the nail on this issue.

Check it out and come to your own conclusions.

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