New Bomba & Plena: “Yo Soy Atabal”


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Puerto Rican folk group Atabal released their awaited EP “Yo Soy Atabal” just in time for the festive 2018 Christmas season.

“Yo Soy Atabal”: the EP

Atabal EP "Yo Soy Atabal" cover art
Atabal’s new EP “Yo Soy Atabal” captures 4 previous singles + 2 new songs.

The new EP contains six songs of which four have been previously released as singles.

“Me Diras Si” was released in 2014.

“Hasta Que Amanezca” was released in 2016.

This year 2018 they released two singles. First, the EP theme song “Yo Soy Atabal” was released in February.

It was followed “Bajamos Duro” in October.

New Songs in “Yo Soy Atabal”

To complete the EP, there are two new songs:

“Tu Hechizo” – a heavy-fusion Bomba-based romantic song.

“Dime San Sebastian” – a funny-themed Plena-based song about an incident in Old San Juan.

A Great New Bomba-Plena-Pop EP

The “Yo Soy Atabal” EP shows how the legendary Puerto Rican folk group continues to embrace Puerto Rico’s folk rhythms and at the same time evolve them to the rapidly changing tastes of younger music fans.

Highly recommended!

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