Atabal Releases “Bajamos Duro”


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Puerto Rican folk group Atabal just released the single “Bajamos Duro”. The song is a contemporary Plena with a message to preserve our cultural roots.

Atabal’s Plena in “Bajamos Duro”

“Bajamos Duro” is a contemporary Plena Atabal-style. It fusions elements of jazz with the core Plena rhythm. In doing this, Atabal highlighted the sax as part of the song’s arrangement.

The rhythm is very engaging, with the typical upbeat of a Plena led by the “panderos”. The rest of the percussion and winds provides a melodic base for the song.

What’s “Bajamos Duro” all About?

"Bajamos Duro" is Atabal's new 2018 plena single.
With “Bajamos Duro” Atabal continues its proud mission of being a messenger of Puerto Rican folk music.

The song’s message is about preserving the folk music of Puerto Rico. In writing the song, Caymmi Rodriguez, now the leader of Atabal, in collaboration with is writing accomplice David Marrero, emphasized the our folk rhythms are for us to enjoy and preserve.

As Caymmi sings, “this is not a fad, it’s tradition”.

Caymmi sings with the great passion for the music that characterizes his style. In addition, the sound of Atabal continues to mature and energize with rhythms of Bomba and Plenas made for the 21st century.

The lyrical video of the song is very engaging and visually appealing.

Atabal EP Coming in November

“Bajamos Duro” will be part of an EP that Atabal will release in early November. The EP will include other Atabal singles like the recent Bomba “Yo Soy Atabal”.

Stay tuned to Latino Music Café for the release of the EP.

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