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A song that meets the past with the future, “Yo Soy Atabal” is the new single (here I include the official video) of the legendary Puerto Rican folk group.

“Yo Soy Atabal” is both a tribute to its founder, Hector Luis Rodriguez as to the Puerto Rican folk rhythms they play. The single is also a prelude for the upcoming new Atabal EP.

"Yo Soy Atabal" photo with Panderos de Plena
“Yo Soy Atabal” is the 1st single from the upcoming EP by the Puerto Rican folk group.

What Atabal has done masterfully through its 35 years in the music scene is to blend the old with the new. When they started they played folk music not only from Puerto Rico, but from the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

With the years, they have focused more on Bomba and Plena. But as we look at their recent work, we see in singles like “Hasta Que Amanezca” (2016), “Me Diras Que Si” (2014), and “De Playa en Playa” (2012) which blend the folk rhythm of Plena with contemporary romantic letters and even elements of pop.

Before all these hits, they released in 2011 the album “Soneros de la Plena”, experimented with blending Plena with Reggaetón by inviting Vico C and Julio Voltio into the mix of many Salsa singers who participated on the project.

“Yo Soy Atabal” features a sax solo which decorates the song with jazz elements but does not take away from its fundamental Bomba rhythm.

This fusion of rythms is what make Atabal. Therefore, the title “Yo Soy Atabal”.

Remember to Support Hector “Atabal” Rodriguez

Just as a reminder, Hector “Atabal” continues to fight against the cancer in his body. So I want to remind you that if you can, please help support him in this battle with your donations.

Note: you can read the blog of my interview with Hector “Atabal” HERE

○ Acct #: 229 – 352116 of Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
○ ATH Móvil, dial 787 -632- 0357

…and thanks to Atabal for continuing to preserve our culture.

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