Support Bobby Sanabria’s West Side Story Reimagined

Bobby Sanabria in West Side Story playing the drums
Bobby Sanabria is remaking the music of West Side Story, and needs our support to fund the project.

The latest project of Latin Jazz Maestro, percussionist, and educator Bobby Sanabria is a remake of the West Side Story soundtrack.

Besides the remarkable music project this is, there are a couple of other points worth commenting:

1. The proceeds from this West Side Story Reimagined project will go towards a Hurricane Maria Relief, in particular for musicians in Puerto Rico that loss their ability to make income (due to loss of opportunity to play or loss if instruments or house.

2. The project is fully supported by Leonard Bernstein’s daughter Jamie, which you can see in the promotional video below.

In order to bring this innovative project to realization, Bobby Sanabria needs our support on his crowdfunding campaign.

Support for West Side Story Reimagined

These days, many artists use crowdfunding campaigns to fund their projects. This is part of changes brought by the internet and the connection economy.

I support this particular campaign because of the points made above. I hope you consider supporting this project as well.

You can find the Bobby’s West Side Story Reimagined Kickstarter campaign page HERE.

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