“Almost Like Praying” for more Salsa


The Salsa version of Lin-Manual Miranda’s “Almost Like Praying” is well intention, but lacks in Salsa.

Veteran and multi-Grammy producer Sergio George took the project of trying to make a Salsa version of Lin-Manuel’s song to extend the collection of funds for Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria victims. However, Sergio had little to work with.

"Almost Like Praying" joined Lin-Manuel Miranda and producer Sergio George
Lin-Manuel Miranda and Sergio George gave a great effort to give more life to “Almost Like Praying” and to the victims of the hurricanes in Puerto Rico.

The Salsa version of “Almost Like Praying” adds some winds and Latin percussion to the song. But without the ability to re-make the rap-themed vocals, Sergio George had big constraints. He didn’t have much to work with to convert the song to into Salsa. It’s “almost like praying” he could have been able to re-record the vocals and add a coro!

Kudos for Lin-Manuel and Sergio

All critique aside, I applaud Lin-Manuel Miranda and Sergio George for finding ways to try to make more money for Hurricane Maria’s relief fund. With around 40% of Puerto Rico residents still without power, the funds are badly needed.

As I travel around Puerto Rico and talk to people, it’s incredible how the recovery from the devastation caused by Maria is still on-going. It seems it will continue to go on for months and perhaps years. Five months after the hurricane, the devastation and recovery are still mayor topics of any conversation in the island.

So whether the Salsa version of “Almost Like Praying” is a good Salsa conversion or not, it generates funds for victims that need it.

Pass the word around, and play the song a few times. In that way we’ll get to hear the sound (in Salsa or rap) of the cash register!

Here’s Sergio George’s Salsa version of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Almost Like Praying”…

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