The Escovedo Family of Latin Music


I’m sharing this article I came across which highlights the Escovedo family. This west coast Mexican-American family has left a mark in Latin music and American music.

About the Escovedo Family

The family patriarch was a former prizefighter who crossed over to the United States from Mexico. Upon his arrival, he moonlighted as a singer in several Latin big bands.

His dozen offspring went on to pursue careers in Music. Perhaps one of the most famous was Pete Escovedo, who at one point joined Santana. Later on, Pete left Santana to make a name for himself forming the Latin big band Azteca.

At one point I had the privilege to interview Pete’s daughter Sheila E, who made a name playing with Prince, Lionel Richie, Marvin Gaye and others before launching a successful solo career.

[Note: you can read my blog which includes parts of my interview with Sheila E. HERE]

Shared Article on the Escovedos

The article puts the Escovedo family, which call themselves the E Family, in the same category as the Carters in country music, the Marsalises in jazz, and Marleys in Reggae.

We tend to forget about the contributions Latinos in the west coast have made to Latin Music. Our focus tends to be in New York, Miami, the Caribbean, México, and South America.

Check out this brief history on the Escovedo family, as they have a written a prominent page in our Latin music history book.

The Escovedos: Latino First Family Of Music

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