Miguel Bosé Supports Future Latino Musicians – Tribute Videos


Miguel Bosé demonstrated an unprecedented level of philanthropy by supporting Berklee Latino musicians students through the Latin Grammy Foundation Scholarship.

And the Berklee College of Music scholarship recipients expressed their appreciation for Bosé’s support by preparing and releasing musical videos in tribute to the Spaniard icon. I included a couple of music videos below so you can see the talent of these young Latino musicians.

Miguel Bosé’s Generous Scholarship Donation for Latino Musicians

There are many Latino musicians out there. However, only a small fraction of those musicians reach the top of their chosen instrument or genre. As a result, these top musicians are the small fraction that make a comfortable living out of music.

Miguel Bosé at Berklee
Miguel Bosé’s generous donation to the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation Scholarship will support Latino students and help promote Latin music.

Having a quality education in music increases the chances (not guarantee) of making it to the top of their profession. Unfortunately, many young aspiring musicians can’t afford such education. To add salt to injury, only a few of the musicians that make it to the top donate to music scholarships to help those underprivileged students.

Miguel Bosé has donated what I believe to be the unprecedented amount of $200,000 to the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation Scholarship to support Berklee College of Music Students. At least one such student will have his full program covered by Bose’s donation. For that reason, I include a link to the Billboard Magazine article with the details of Bosé’s donation HERE.

The Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation Scholarship

I received an email from a person at Berklee describing this Foundation Scholarship and asking if I could share the Miguel Bosé Tribute Videos here in Latino Music Café so that you can enjoy them. Of course, I gladly accepted, but also want to copy the foundation purpose below as provided by Berklee. Hence, I think it’s important that you understand what this is all about.

Latino musicians students at Berklee Colllege of Music
Latino music students recipients Foundation Scholarship perform at Berklee a Tribute to Miguel Bosé.

The Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation was established by the Latin Recording Academy to promote international awareness and appreciation for the significant contributions of Latin music and its makers to the world’s culture, and to protect its rich musical legacy and heritage. The Foundation’s primary charitable focus is to provide scholarships to students interested in Latin music with financial needs, as well as grants to scholars and organizations worldwide for research and preservation of diverse Latin music genres.

In summary, this scholarship will work “to preserve our Latin culture and heritage by promoting international awareness…for the significant contributions of Latin music…and provide scholarships interested in Latin music”.

I believe this is as an important cause as any, and would love to see more of the famous artists we know contribute a fraction of their substantial earnings to the younger generation of Latino musicians.

Miguel Bosé Tribute Videos

As I promised, here are a couple of those tribute videos. The first one is by performed only by the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation Scholarship recipients. They perform a Miguel Bosé medley in Portuguese of the songs “Nada Particular,” “Morena Mía,” and “Bandido.”

The second video has Miguel Bosé singing with the scholarship recipients the song “Este Mundo Va”.


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