Miguel Bosé; 40 Years in Latin Music Reflected


Spaniard singer Miguel Bosé has enjoyed a truly successful international career, which began in Spain and Italy, continued in Puerto Rico, and then expanded to Europe and Latin America.

Born in Panama from parents entertainers (mother was an actress; father was a bullfighter) who had celebrities like Picasso and Hemingway frequently around the house, Miguel Bosé learned to make a name for himself. Coincidentally, a couple of years ago Bosé decided to relocate to Panama, as he said he was unable to live anonymously in Spain any longer.

Miguel Bosé in his Estaré tour poster.
Miguel Bosé is celebrating 40 years of a magnificent singing career with his Estaré tour.

I came across a recent interview of the legendary singer, and thought it would be nice to share it with you as it provides good insights into Miguel’s life and musical career in a relative short read.

To complement the article, I’m adding a video of Miguel Bosé’s latest album, an MTV Unplugged Live album that he finally got around to record, bringing with him some amazing guest singers to do duets.

The link to the article-interview is HERE.

Below is the video of Miguel Bosé singing with Mexican icon Marco Antonio Solís his hit “Olvídame Tu”.


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