Amor y Control for Grieving


The loss of my mother this week made me remember the Ruben Blades song “Amor y Control” that gave title to his 1992 album.

Ruben Blades Amor y Control album cover art
Ruben Blades’ album “Amor y Control” was released after his mother’s death.

“Amor y Control” is a song Ruben Blades wrote after his own mother passed away. To this day, it’s an emotional song for him to play, as you can see in this video of his rendition of the song during the 25th Anniversary of Seis del Solar tour in Puerto Rico.

It’s hard to lose your mother. My wife and I lost our respective mothers within 30 days of each other, making it specially hard for us.

For those you who have lost a loved one during 2016, here is Ruben Blades’ song.

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  1. Hector L Gonzalez says

    My most sincere and deepest condolences to you and your wife ,Tocayo, for the lost of your Mothers.
    May the Lord give you the Peace and strength, to always cherish the great experiences that cultivated that special love that you feel in your hearts.It is my hope that ,that same love will make you both Stronger !
    The first step towards death is being born! It is the love that lives, grows and is nurtured and experienced in between the beginning and the end that we all miss . Be strong ! God Bless!

    1. Hector Aviles says

      Tocayo, thanks for your beautiful and encouraging words. I’m back blogging and it’s nice to see you back with your comments!
      Thanks again,

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