Grammy 2016 – Tropical Latin Album Favorite


The Best Tropical Latin Album category of the 58th edition of the Grammy Awards has, once again, an excellent field of entries.

Despite the excellent competition for the Grammy in this category, the Latin album “Tributo a Los Compadres” should be a sweep by taking the Grammy after having taken the Latin Grammy.

Tropical Latin Album Nominees

Besides “Los Compadres”, the 2015 Latin album from Jose Alberto “El Canario” with Cuba’s Septeto Santiaguero, which I’ll discuss later, the other nominees are…

“Son de Panamá” (Ruben Blades with Roberto Delgado & Orchestra) – one of the best Latin albums the legendary Panamanian singer-songwritter has released in a long time, and which finally includes some new/original songs. I find it a great album, and you can read my full detailed review (see “Ruben Blades Salsa Album ‘Son de Panamá’ has (finally) new songs“).

“Presente Continuo” (Grupo Guaco) – one of the finest groups from Venezuela, I found Guaco a few years ago via Gilberto Santa Rosa’s Latin album “Irrepetible” (2010). Since then I’ve become fan of their unique style and melodic interpretation. “Presente Continue” follows on their line of excellent music.

“Todo Tiene su Hora” (Juan Luis Guerra) – another strong album for the Dominican singer-songwritter, it includes the theme of my wedding (the title song “Todo Tiene su Hora”). I love this album and is a strong contender to give Juan Luis Guerra his millionth Grammy award. But it’s not my favorite in the category. You can read my full detailed review of “Todo Tiene su Hora” HERE.

“Que Suenen Los Tambores” (Victor Manuelle) – this is a good album in the Salsa Romantica line of Salsa / Tropical music. A strong album in that category, the Latin album was perfectly produced with Victor Manuelle’s known (and perhaps predictable) formula for commercial success. For that reason, I consider “Que Suenen Los Tambores” the least likely to win the Grammy. You can read my full detailed review of “Que Suenen Los Tambores” HERE.

“Tributo a Los Compadres; No Quiero Llanto” (Jose Alberto “El Canario” & Septeto Santiaguero)

"Tributo a Los Compadres" Latin album cover art
“Tributo a Los Compadres” by Jose Alberto “El Canario” & Septeto Santiaguero is my favorite for the Grammy.

This is my favorite in this strong category. This album is a gem from top to bottom. The concept to pay tribute to “son” forefathers “Los Compadres”, and the excellent linear notes included in this Latin album are, by itself, the price of the album. The notes detail the history and influence “Los Compadres” left for Cuban “son” and Latin music.

The music by the Septeto Santiaguero is right on point with the traditional Cuban “son”, and the singing is just phenomenal. This Latin album features veteran Dominican singer Jose Alberto “El Canario” as the main singer of the album. But “Canario” sings amongst a constellation of Salsa stars, which include Oscar D’Leon, Ismael Miranda, Andy Montañez, and Aimee Nuviola (who lately is like white rice – she’s everywhere),

In order to make room for all this Latin music goodness, the album required 2 CDs, and all of is so enjoyable, that you hardly notice you’ve gone through 18 songs (9 songs per CD). Even the album artwork, with all the painted images, is a thing of beauty.

“Tributo a Los Compadres; No Quiero Llanto” is a true gem worth every penny and every minute of enjoyment.

Good Tropical Latin Music

All in all, this category brings a lot of good music in it, and it’s hard to go wrong with any album in this category.

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