Omar Alfanno New Single “Verano de Estambul” (Video)


Panamanian singer-songwritter Omar Alfanno released the song and video of new single “Verano de Estambul” in a surprising Vallenato-pop format and with his usual poetically romantic lyrics.

The famed romantic Salsa hit-maker of songs he’s provided to Marc Anthony, Luis Enrique, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Victor Manuelle, and many others has decided to re-take his singing career following the recent success of his 2014 release “De Panama Para el Mundo”.

Omar Alfanno in "Verano de Estambul"
Omar Alfanno retakes his singing career with “Verano de Estambul”.

I find “Verano de Estambul” a beautiful Vallenato-pop song where Alfanno tells the story of a romantic experience as only he can describe it. This one is about falling into a platonic love for an idealized woman, where he poetizes on her attributes and his desire to conquer her, for which he would take a summer of Istanbul to the South Pole.

Similarly as he did for his “De Panama…” album, Omar Alfanno brings a 1st class orchestra to the recording, which you can appreciate performing the song in the high quality video included below. However, the “Panama” album was about Alfanno singing his past hits which became so in the voices of other artists to which he commissioned the songs. In that “live” album he sang them himself, with a little help from his friends, Tony Vega, Luis Enrique, Angel Lopez (Son by Four), and others.

With “Verano de Estambul” Omar Alfanno retakes his singing career, but this time with original material, of which we get the first glimpse here. An additional element of surprise is that “Verano de Estambul” is in Vallenato format, something I have not heard the king of Salsa Romantica do before.

I consider Omar Alfanno a 1st class songwriter, and although I don’t consider him at that level as a singer (he’s no Marc Anthony, Gilbertito, etc.) he can be convincing because of the passion and emotion with which he sings!

You can see and hear his joy and emotion while performing “Verano de Estambul” in the video below:

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