Eddie Palmieri Releases 2 Salsa Classics Re-Recorded!


Eddie Palmieri, the maestro of Salsa and Latin Jazz, is releasing 2 of his classics re-recorded with his current big band Salsa orchestra.

Two Salsa Classics of the 70’s

Palmieri will release new versions of “Vamonos Pa’l Monte” and “Pa la Ocha Tambó” on September 25th through CD Baby.

Eddie Palmieri EP of Salsa classics Vamonos Pa'l Monte and Pa' La Ocha Tambo
Eddie Palmieri is releasing this EP of 2 of his Salsa classics, now with the superb sound of his current big band Salsa orchestra.

It seems these two Salsa songs will be part of a Limited Edition CD for collectors, which right now doesn’t have a release date. I infer this from the wording on the press release for this songs.

Both of these songs were recorded back in 1971. Eddie recorded “Vamonos Pa’l Monte” with brother Charlie Palmieri sitting in with his band, and “Pa la Ocha Tambó” was recorded live at the Sing Sing Penitentiary. “Pa la Ocha Tambó” has never been recorded in a studio until now.

According to the press release, these re-recordings were the brain child of Palmieri’s son and longtime manager Edward II, who persuaded the 9- time Grammy winner to get back in the studio to render new versions of these Salsa classics with his strong and experienced Salsa orchestra.

The quality of this recording is excellent, and these new versions, with Herman Olivera and the rest of Eddie Palmieri’s talented Salsa orchestra will not disappoint even the hardest Salsa fan! The quality of this music does not come as a surprise. Palmieri has been constantly performing these classics with very much this same band for many years now. They have become a very tight musical unit, composed of some of the best musicians out there.

Edward II hit it right on, because this is a great moment to take this band into the studio and render new versions of these Salsa classics, but at the same time keeping all the flavor from the original recordings.

The result is improved versions of the originals. Even though I’m a big fan of Ismael Quintana, veteran singer Herman Olivera is a good a student of the old-school of soneros as there is right now, right up there with Gilberto Santa Rosa, with whom he’ll share signing duties in Palmieri’s next recording.

Eddie Palmieri EP Out on CD Baby

While the next Eddie Palmieri full recording comes out, you can get these songs in CD Baby. Below is a little preview, with Palmieri’s Salsa orchestra performing “Vamonos Pa’l Monte” live.

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