Victor Manuelle New Video “No Queria Engañarte”


Puerto Rican Salsa (and Latin music) icon Victor Manuelle launched the new single and video of “No Queria Engañarte”, which he sings with Raquel Sofía.

Raquel Sofia with Latin music star Juanes
Raquel Sofía launched her solo career after doing backup vocals for Juanes and Shakira.

The songs appears in Salsa version in his latest album “Que Suenen Los Tambores”, but now Victor Manuelle releases a Balada-pop version of the song, in a nice duet with Puerto Rican up and coming singer-songwriter Raquel Sofía.

Raquel Sofía has funky hairdo and a beautiful voice. She has worked as backup vocalist for Juanes and Shakira, and recently launched her solo work in 2015, with her debut album “Te Quiero los Domingos” (June 2015), which was briefly preceded by the 6 song EP “Te Odio los Sabados” (Feb 2015).

“No Queria Engañarte” is one of two songs written by Colombian artist Wilfran Castillo for Victor Manuelle’s “Que Suenen Los Tambores”; the other song is “La Vida Perfecta”. The song and video of this Balada-pop version come out just before Victor Manuelle’s extensive US-tour, which starts in Aug 29 and extends through the end of November. You can find the list of cities and dates just below the video.

Wilfran Castillo with Salsa icon Victor Manuelle
Colombian Wifran Castillo wrote “No Quería Engañarte” and “La Vida Perfecta” which Victor Manuelle recorded in “Que Suenen Los Tambores”

The song is one of heartache, in which the person is unfaithful to his/her significant other due to emotional abandonment. The songs explains this in a beautiful way, making us reflect on all the little things that really make keep a relationship alive.

The video was filmed in a costal section (of what I assume is Puerto Rico) with a makeshift open-room and a beautiful ocean backdrop. The video was very well produced with excellent quality and professionalism. Victor Manuelle and Raquel Sofía use the furniture to sit and move around as they perform the song. Towards the end of the video, the furniture starts falling apart as a metaphor for the state of the relationship.

One of the things I caught my eye was that Raquel Sofía strugles getting the hair out of her face due to the coastal wind. There’s a part where it’s quite noticable, but I don’t think it takes away from the beautiful song, their performances, and the fantastic video representation of it!


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  1. Bernard Clyde says

    Glad to see some Latin artists making a bigger impression. Music videos are doing a better job of capturing the emotion of the song better these days. Plus, more artists get a chance at making music videos with increasing access to camera equipment.

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