Father’s Day Special: Juan Pablo Diaz and Rafael Jose sing Cheo Feliciano


I came across this video in a Puerto Rican e-newspaper. Salsa singer and actor Juan Pablo Diaz is working on a new album, and decided to invite his well-known dad to share a Cheo Feliciano song with him.

Rafael Jose and Juan Pablo Diaz in the recording studio for "Si Te Dicen".
Salsa singer Juan Pablo Diaz is back recording and invited his celebrity father and Festival OTI winner Rafael Jose to perform a Cheo Feliciano bolero.

Juan Pablo Diaz’s dad is Rafael Jose, the previous Univision TV show co-host of “Despierta America”. But what you young cats may not know is that he is a Festival OTI winner! And if you’re indeed a young cat, then you’re probably asking yourself…what is the Festival OTI. I’ll write about the Latin American singing competition in another blog, but for now just Google it.

You would also think that the young Salsero Juan Pablo would go with a Cheo Feliciano delightful Salsa song, but instead, he differed to his elder and played to Rafael Jose’s strength, going with the bolero “Si Te Dicen”.

There higher octave voice of Juan Pablo goes well with the tenor voice of Rafael Jose to produce a nice re-make of the Cheo Feliciano – Joe Cuba hit (which they originally released in their 1966 album “We Must Be Doing Something Right”; the last one Feliciano did in his 10 year career with Joe Cuba). The video is worth watching for the camaraderie they exhibit in the non-singing parts.

Enjoy this beautiful song and performance!

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