Buena Vista Social Club “Lost and Found” is Cuban Music Paella

Buena Vista Social Club "Lost and Found" cover art
Buena Vista Social Club released “Lost and Found”, a collection of unreleased songs.

Buena Vista Social Club’s new release “Lost and Found” is a collection of previously unreleased recordings coming from live shows and previous studio recordings.

It includes the Carnegie Hall concert that gave birth to their original Grammy-winning album. Additionally, it contains songs from Buena Vista artists’ other studio recordings. This mix of unreleased songs were put together in “Lost and Found”.

I love paella and I would bet that if you’ve tried it, you love it too. This is a dish that was originally created from leftovers, adding rice and spices, and cooking anew. “Lost and Found” is like a paella of songs from the Buena Vista Social Club and its members.

Here’s a video promo of the “Lost and Found” album…

Buena Vista Social Club’s “Lost and Found” has 13 songs. I was captivated by another trip down memory lane to the golden years of Cuban music. But this music was performed by these talented old-timers that knew how to perform it for maximum enjoyment.

Cuban music classics like Arsenio Rodriguez’ “Bruca Manigua”, and Beny Moré’s “Como Fue” are included. The band also showcases their Afro-Cuban jazz chops in “Black Chicken” and a classic Habanera in, well, “Habanera”.

Here’s a Ibrahim Ferrer performing “Bruca Manigua”.

If you’re a fan of Cuban music, I believe you’ll like the paella of Cuban music in “Lost and Found”. The album is performed by past and current Buena Vista Social Club artists.

“Adios Tour” of Buena Vista Social Club

“Lost and Found” come in the midst of the Buena Vista Social Club’s “Adios” tour. They decided to hang it up, as original members continue to pass away and remaining stars are contemplating a second retirement. Although some, like Eliades Ochoa (68), who’s been having great success with subsequent recordings since their original album, seem reluctant to retire. Check his comments in this interview alongside Omara Portuondo, who at 84, and simultaneously doing her own tour, doesn’t seem to mind reducing her workload.



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