Charlie Aponte Celebrates Solo in “Para Festejar”


Salsa fans finally get to sample what Charlie Aponte is working on launching his solo career with “Para Festejar”.

The festive Salsa single written by the young Cuban singer-songwriter Juan Jose Hernandez and arranged by producer Sergio George will surely climb rapidly in the charts as Salsa fans embrace the lively single of the ex-Gran Combo singer.

Charlie Aponte "Para Festejar" cover
Charlie Aponte’s new Salsa single “Para Festejar” has the talented pen of Juan Jose Hernandez and the arrangement of hit producer Sergio George.

“Para Festejar” is a positive song about being grateful and celebrating what we have, regarding our health, family, friends, life, etc. What I like especially is that the song is fitting for Charlie Aponte’s decision to leave El Gran Combo, as the main reason he gave was precisely to spend more time with family. At the same time, the song has no indices of “tiradera” or negative insinuations towards El Gran Combo or any of its members.

All that said, it’s inevitable to mentally draw comparisons between the El Gran Combo single “Yo Soy Tu Amigo” and Charlie and Sergio George’s “Para Festejar”. I say (using Tennis lingo), advantage Charlie!

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  1. Héctor L González Falcón says

    ***Charlie will be Charlie and he has that Midas musical touch .On everything he puts his musical touch will be successful. This grace ,talent and experience.
    I love this Song of expression of gratitude and celebration for all the years of success & his decision to go on his own .It truly was valiant !
    ***Many people are still somewhat resentful that he left the Gran Combo, with same resentment that they do not accept Anthony Garcia as a new member of the Gran Combo . But my suggestion to all who love music is to get over it, cause they will continue to make successful music for many years to come. Natural born with purpose talent will always have fierce critics but because it is a gift it will remain to bring about it’s purpose. Talent is always accompanied by grace!

    It is unjust to compare Anthony Garcia with Charlie Aponte ,for Charlie is has experienced the “crescendo “wave that Anthony yet has to experience. In experience the knowledge the matureness of voices Charlie is 3 decades ahead. But they both will definitely continue their journey to a higher altitude of stardom ,no doubt .

    Charlie wants to select, write , interpret, his own music he has gotten to a musical stage where the musical priorities change and is on a new journey of exploring territory that his gift has expanded .If it doesn’t go well with Sergio it will go well with others .It is a question of finding all the right elements .Having said that I must admit that Sergio Jorge and all who have contributed in this musical project are great talents and very gifted themselves .

    By the way, great chorus with Johnny Rivera and Pichy , 2 greats .

    ***There is no need for tiraéra or negativity when grace is present , My best to Anthony Garcia who as long as he understands that the lead singer of the gran Combo is Jerry Rivas, another great one .

    ***He just has to keep in mind that he is a member of a legendary learning and teaching salsa institution, There is no need to be like Charlie Aponte if he wants to establish a legacy for Anthony Garcia.

    Like Anthony today, Charlie then too, was very young and hungry to prove himself in that competitive and very criticized world of salsa. They both recognize and are very aware of their gifts. They both brought forth some very interesting talent and potentials. Charlie has left the building per say , and now is entering the Arena. Charlie is very thankful of what He learned from the being a lead member of the Gran Combo .Now is time to bring forth His very extensive Musical Portfolio of experience. Now is time for Charlie to be a teacher of the Genre.

    *** Originality will play out in the success of both artist. One is a star and the other is up and coming. Rafael Ithier is testing the waters with Anthony Garcia ‘s natural talent and potential.

    Charlie has already proven His. Now it is time for both artist to bring forth their originality and continue to grow. Some day they will be putting their voices together like other past members of the gran Combo have done. There is no room for tiraéra or animosity of any kind ,in any case, it is time to be grateful .The departure of Charlie created an open door for Anthony.
    My deepest desire of success for both.
    As always my most sincere thanks to my Tocayo, Héctor Aviles and to all who navigate this site. God bless !
    Héctor ♪♪♪♪

    1. Hector Aviles says

      Thanks tocayo! Yes, both artists are giving us their best art. Anthony Garcia is still facing the resistance to change by El Gran Combo fans. Both full length Salsa albums will be coming out in the next few months, and it will be interesting to see how they turn out with Salsa fans.



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