Juan Luis Guerra in the Zone with “Todo Tiene su Hora”


Juan Luis Guerra once again hits the nail in the head with his 2014 Latin music album “Todo Tiene su Hora” (Everything Has it’s Time). The title-song has a very special and personal meaning for me!

The 12th studio recording for the 17-time Grammy winner has thoughtful and romantic Merengue’s, Bachatas, and Salsa’s. It even has a bit of Fusion-pop, which makes listening to “Todo Tiene su Hora” an entertaining experience.

Engaging Latin Music in “Todo Tiene su Hora”

The successful 57-year old Dominican singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and bandleader released an album with variety, romance, and overall good music. I stayed fully interested in the music because of this variety.

Latin music star Juan Luis Guerra in "Tus Besos" promo
“Tus Besos” was the 1st single of Juan Luis Guerra’s “Todo Tiene Su Hora”. The song climbed to #1 in Billboard’s “Latin Pop Songs” and “Tropical Airplay”.

The albums 1st cut, “Cookies & Cream” is a merengue-fusion song that reminds me of the popular “Medicine for My Soul”. That song is included in the album “Llave de Mi Corazon” (2007).

From there you get nice Bachatas like the “Tus Besos” the 1st hit single of “Todo Tiene su Hora”. Another beautiful bachata is “Muchachita Linda”. There are also two nice Salsa cuts, the first being “Dime Nora Mia”, dedicated to his wife. The other Salsa is the very catchy and flavorful “Toda Pasa”. This latter Salsa song reminds us that Guerra can sing Salsa with as much swing as the best in the genre. However, we have to note that Juan Luis is more of a poet and less of a “sonero”.

And then the album has 5 merengues, including the fussion-like “Cookies & Cream”. The duet with merengue legend Johnny Ventura in “De Moca a Paris” is extremely danceable. Well, what can you expect in a song with “El Caballo”.

Juan Luis Guerra Peaks on Poetic Lyrics

What I found most amazing about “Todo Tiene su Hora” is the level of poetic lyricism that the singer-songwriter brought to his songs. Yes, this has been evident since his very 1st album and has been increasing. Yet, in this album it spreads through genres and almost every song.

Dominican Juan Luis Guerra in "Todo Tiene Su Hora" album cover
Juan Luis Guerra’s 12th studio album “Todo Tiene Su Hora” reached Billboard’s #1 position in their “Top Latin Albums” and “Tropical Albums” lists.

Juan Luis can make it romantically poetic, as in the Salsa “Dime Nora Mia”. In this song, he puts New York City at his wife’s disposal. He also displays his poetic talent in the merengue “Todo Tiene su Hora” and the Bachata “Tus Besos’.

I loved the slow merengue of “Canto a Colombia”. It’s delightful how  eloquently and poetically Juan Luis Guerra composed this homage to this Latin American country.

As high as Guerra can go in with his poetic lyrics, he can rapidly tone it down to simple catchy tunes. He masterfully does this in songs like  “Cookies & Cream” and the danceable “De Moca a Paris”.

Christianity Smuggled in “Todo Tiene su Hora”

I mean “smuggled” in a good way, in that you can enjoy the album even if you’re not a fan of gospel music.

Latin music star Juan Luis Guerra in "Todo Tiene Su Hora" alternate cover
“Todo Tiene Su Hora” will sure bring more Grammy Awards to Dominican star Juan Luis Guerra.

“El Capitan” is the one cut with a clear religious theme, where Christ is clearly referenced as being the captain of our boat, in a nicely done life metaphor.

However, there are subtle religious reference in a couple of other songs. For example, the one on the top of my mind is in “Todo Tiene su Hora”. Toward the end of this song he mentions that the love that has been the center theme is a gift from God (“..si es un regalo del Senor”). But only towards the very end of the song is where this is evident.


For Me, It’s My Time, and “Todo Tiene su Hora” my Favorite

The title song “Todo Tiene su Hora” has a very special and personal meaning for me, because it defines my relationship with my fiancée Ivonne.

After emotionally reaching a very low point a few years ago by going through a painful divorce, I’m about to marry a wonderful woman that had crossed my life 27 years ago. Now God has chosen this is the right time for us to join our lives…just like the “guira pide tambora”.

Ivonne – I love you, and now is our time (“llego nuestra hora”).

Juan Luis Guerra’s Official Video “Todo Tiene su Hora” (this one is for my love, Ivonne)

Juan Luis Guerra’s Official video “Tus Besos”

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