Victor Manuelle new Single “Agua Bendita”


Puerto Rican Salsa star Victor Manuelle released the 2nd single form his upcoming 2015 new album with “Agua Bendita”, another fusion Salsa song with a romantic theme.

“Agua Bendita” starts with an accordion, reminiscing the vallenato sound Victor Manuelle has grown fond. You surely remember his duets with Colombian Vallenato star Jorge Celedon.

Salsa star Victor Manuelle with Vallenato star Jorge Celedon in "Agua Bendita"
Victor Manuelle’s vallenato taste could be attributed to his friendship and collaborations with Colombian vallenato star Jorge Celedón.

The song quickly moves into a solid high-energy Salsa beat, giving way to the chorous that supports the song’s theme. The song has the formula of previous Victor Manuelle hits, with a danceable energetic Salsa beat, sharp soneos, and a love theme, encapsulated in a fusion of rhythms.

“Agua Bendita” is a sure bet to climb the Billboard charts, as Victor Manuelle has figured out how to do this better than anyone else.

Here’s the Vevo audio version of the song.

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