Kany Garcia’s “En Vivo” Captures Her Music Career (Video)


The 4th album of Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Kany Garcia (“En Vivo) provides ballad fans a reprise of the previous 3 recordings of the rapidly emerging Latin music star.

Video Review (Spanish); Extended Written Review (English) Below

Encarnita “Kany” Garcia De Jesus is the most successful loser of the Puerto Rican singing reality show “Objetivo Fama”. I believe she’s the most successful alumni of that show, winner or loser, having already won 2 Latin Grammy when she is still a relative new comer to the Latin music scene.

Kany’s 1st “live” album was recorded in a concert held at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico on February 2013. It includes 3 duets, one with emerging merengue star Joseph Fonseca, another with Santiago Cruz, who Kany acknowledges in the album saying he helped her when she was starting her music career, and a surprise one with her mother, Shela De Jesus.

Things I Liked About “Kany Garcia En Vivo”

"En Vivo" is Kany Garcia's 4th album, and was recorded on Feb 2013 at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.
“En Vivo” is Kany Garcia’s 4th album, and was recorded on Feb 2013 at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

Latin Pop Freshness – I like the music of Kany Garcia because it is fresh. It conserves an originality the feels human, not commercial. Too many Latin pop artist seem to have their albums made by their record label and not them. Not Kany!

Good Musical Recollection – although the majority of the songs in “En Vivo” come from her previous album “Kany Garcia”, the album is a good recollection of Kany’s young music career. If nothing else, it showcases her great talent as a songwriter and as a singer, even with her raspy voice.

“Duele Menos” – the only new song of “En Vivo” and the only that was not “live”, as it is a studio recording. Yet, “Duele Menos” captures the esssence of Kany Garcia. A well written song, with a nice accoustic melody, that starts as a soft ballad and progressively moves towards a faster pop-Rock rhythm.

Missed Opportunities in “En Vivo”

"Duele Menos" was the 1st single of Kany Garcia's "En Vivo", and the only song that was not recorded "Live".
“Duele Menos” was the 1st single of Kany Garcia’s “En Vivo”, and the only song that was not recorded “Live”.

Too Soon – the only missed opportunity I can see is the opportunity to do a full album of more new quality material. With only 3 previous albums, it seems too early for Kany to do a compilation of her songs. But, on Kany’s behalf, I can see that her popularity has soured with the last album, and she wanted to make everyone that missed it, aware of her previous good songs.

My Recommendation for “En Vivo”

There are two camps of Kany Garcia listeners; those of us that like her, as she still preserves the traditional ballad style and mixes it well with the more dynamic pop-rock style, and those that don’t like her raspy voice, as those in the Puerto Rico reality show Objetivo Fama.

This album provides a great view at Kany Garcia the artist, as she sings live and interacts with her audience. It’s a great recollection of her career, which is full of refreshing songs about love and life ups and downs. It breaks the monotony of most Latin-pop albums that seem manufactured out of a commerical procedure.

If you like Latin pop and ballads and don’t have Kany Garcia’s discography, this is a good album for you!

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