Domingo Quiñones Returns with “De Vuelta al Amor”


The veteran Salsa music singer Domingo Quiñones, known as “el mas que canta” (the one that sings the most/best), has returned with “De Vuelta al Amor”.

Owner of a privileged voice, Domingo Quiñones returns after a recording hiatus of over 5 years, retaking the winning formula of his heyday as a Salsa Romantica prince back in the 1990’s. “De Vuelta al Amor” is a clear and direct reference to the Salsa Romantica style that made him a household name.

But hard core Salseros know Domingo Quiñones since the mid-80’s when he replaced Roberto Lugo in the orchestra of Puerto Rican trumpeter and bandleader Luis “Perico” Ortiz. After recording 3 albums with “Perico”, Domingo ventured as a solo artist in 1990.

Romance, Performance, and some Variety in “De Vuelta al Amor”

Salsa Romantica Winning Formula – Domingo retakes the formula of the spicier blend of Salsa Romantica which he recorded back in his RMM days in the 90’s and that worked well for him as well as with other artists like Tito Nieves and Jose Alberto “El Canario”. Of “De Vuelta al Amor” 10 songs, 9 are of a romantic theme.

"De Vuelta al Amor" is Domingo Quiñones' 13th Salsa studio recording.
“De Vuelta al Amor” is Domingo Quiñones’ 13th Salsa studio recording.

Still “El Mas Que Canta” – Domingo’s voice remains as strong as always, and he doesn’t waste any chance to demonstrate that he still has the voice and the soneos with clave that recognized him as one of the best in Salsa.

Some Variety – although most of the songs in “De Vuelta al Amor” are of a cookie-cutter predictable formula, 3 of the 10 songs break the pattern. “Fever (Fiebre)” is an American classic that Domingo masterfully makes into a Salsa song in Spanish. This is not the 1st time he pulls the trick; back in his album “Pintando Lunas” (1992) he recorded “Crazy for You” but kept it in English.

In “De Vuelta al Amor” Domingo Quiñones also explores for the 1st time the currently commercially popular genre of Bachata with “Gotitas de Amor”. Domingo also goes into the classic Salsa music humorous lyrics in “Cuando lo Coja Yo”, the only non-romantic Salsa theme of the album.

Opportunity to Break the Salsa Romantica Mold

Still More Ways to Break the Mold – Domingo Quiñones has the chops to break out of the Salsa Romantica mold more often than he has does. The album does explore some variety (as I just mentioned above) but a singer of his talent and background could explore some romantic Bombas, plenas, Guarachas, or something else that breaks with the traditional mold used for Salsa Romantica, which after a few songs starts to become uninteresting.

Boleros/Ballads – with his privileged voice, I’m surprised that Domingo doesn’t explore cultivating the Bolero genre. He has the chops to work on it, and it would not only round him up as a singer, but could also open doors for him in with other audiences that follow that Bolero / Ballads genres.

“De Vuelta al Amor” is a Good Album Similar to Past Hits

In "De Vuelta al Amor" Domingo Quiñones (el mas que canta) adds a Bachata and a Salsa version of "Fever".
In “De Vuelta al Amor” Domingo Quiñones (el mas que canta) adds a Bachata and a Salsa version of “Fever”.

Overall I enjoyed listening to “De Vuelta al Amor”. Domingo Quiñones has a voice that is always pleasant to listen. Since “De Vuelta al Amor” has 3 songs that break the mold of the traditional Salsa Romantica style, it keep the album interesting.

At times I did find too many songs following the cookie-cutter Salsa Romantica recipe, but I can understand why Domingo wants to use the formula that brought him success in the past, and continue to work for some contemporary pop-Salsa singers.

Video of Domingo Quiñones “A Veces”

This was the 1st single of “De Vuelta al Amor”, and the video was recorded during a performance he did in Carolina, P.R., prior to the release of the album.

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