Father’s Day Special: Palmieri and Free Music Stream


Latino music legend and 9-time Grammy Award winner Eddie Palmieri has been doing music for most of his 76 years. And for the latter chunk of those years, his son Edward Palmieri II has been with him as his band manager.

This is not an easy task with such a versatile and renown Latino musician as Eddie Palmieri. Here is a bit on Edward Palmieri II, and his father’s free music stream from NPR’s Jazzset.

Edward Palmieri II Stays Busy with his Father

Edward Palmieri II (he doesn’t like “junior”), takes care of every detail of his father’s agenda. And the Palmieri’s agenda can be a complicated one since Eddie plays with different formats. He has his Latin Jazz band; has his Salsa music band, and he does Jazz trios with his bassist and trumpet player. And you can see all three within one particular tour.

Edward Palmieri II manages the Eddie Palmieri Salsa orchestra.
Eddie Palmieri’s Salsa music band has some of the best Latin musicians.

The last time I saw Eddie Palmieri with his Latin Jazz group in Seattle, and had a chance to talk to Edward. Edward had to arrange his father’s interviews, band accommodations, bookings, etc, in addition to coordinate his father’s band format for each presentation.

Eddie Palmieri did a TV show appearance with his Latin Jazz Trio, then played the Jazz Alley in Seattle with his Latin Jazz group, and after a few days, took the short flight down to the Bay Area to play Yoshi’s with his Salsa music band. For that to happen, Edward had to coordinate brining Herman Olivera, Eddie’s singer, as well as Jimmy Bosch for the trombone, and an additional trumpet player to Oakland. And more often than not they all could come from different locations.

Part of Eddie Palmieri’s changing band formats is Eddie’s versatility as a Latino music maestro. Eddie has been involved in both, Salsa music and Latin Jazz since the 1950’s. The other reason for utilizing various band formats is the music business climate these days. Some venues cannot afford a big Salsa music band, and in others, the audience or the type of event determines what format to use. Behind all of that, Edward Palmieri II is keeping things in order.

The great thing is that Edward Palmieri II enjoys the music just as much as his father does playing it. As watched him in the Eddie Palmieri set in the Jazz Alley, Edward mas moving and swinging almost as to waiting for a chance to climb up to the stage and play with the band. You would think that after listening to the music night in and night out, he would grow deft to it. I think it’s hard to be deft to any good music, especially the one Eddie Palmieri plays.

Eddie Palmieri has Great Latino Musicians!

Eddie Palmieri has some of the finest musicians in Latino music playing with him. I had a chance to ask “Little Johnny” Rivero, Palmieri’s conga drum player, why they dressed up in suit and tie for the night presentations and he responded…”Eddie wants his band to look sharp. I love playing with Eddie not only because of the great musicality and good pay, but because he treats us well. For example, we stay in good hotels when we travel.” Again, behind all that is Eddie Palmieri’s son Edward Palmieri II, making it all happen!

Eddie Palmieri Latino music great.
Eddie Palmieri is a 9-time Grammy Award winner.

Free Music Stream: Eddie Palmieri in NPR’s Jazz Set

It was Edward Palmieri II (don’t call him “junior” Dee Dee Bridgewater – he doesn’t like it any more than Indiana Jones!) who help arrange this recording of his father’s “live” set at The Kennedy Center in New York.

In this set Eddie Palmieri plays five songs with his Latin Jazz band composed of:

  • Eddie Palmieri, piano
  • Jonathan Powell, trumpet
  • Louis Fouche, alto
  • Orlando Vega, bongos
  • Vicente “Little Johnny” Rivero, congas
  • Jose Claussell, timbales
  • Luques Curtis, bass

To listen to the free music stream of Eddie Palmieri’s performance in NPRs Jazzset, you can click the link HERE.

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